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Master Alloys

High quality master alloys for aerospace and non-aerospace titanium alloy industries

Masters of Alloy Technology
For over 60 years, Reading Alloys has been recognized as a global leader in the design, development and production of specialty alloy products. As one of the pioneers of the modern titanium industry, Reading Alloys was instrumental in the development of many of the titanium alloys available today including Ti 6Al4V.  With this foundation, Reading Alloys has continued to grow our footprint and now supplies products to the steel, superalloy, aluminum, and powdered metal industries in addition to the titanium industry. 

Quality is paramount at Reading Alloys and this is dictated by the industries that we serve.  It permeates every aspect of our business from raw materials, manufacturing, inspection, packaging and documentation.  Every process is continually evaluated and reviewed for areas to improve and we are subject to continuous quality audits from both internal and external sources.  This ensures that Reading Alloys continues to deliver the highest quality products for the most critical and demanding applications.

With a wealth of metallurgical expertise gained by decades of experience, Reading Alloys’ competitive advantage is our technical capability.  We are world-renowned experts in aluminothermic smelting and alloy development and Reading Alloys innovations have been applied along the entire production process including melting, processing, inspecting, and certification.  This makes Reading Alloys uniquely qualified to be the supplier of choice when it comes to master alloys. 

Reading Alloys serves many markets including aerospace, electronics, medical, transportation, marine and recreation.  We produce more than 60 standard alloy formulations in a wide range of sizes as well as products tailored to individual customer requirements. High-purity alloys are manufactured in accordance with a certified ISO 9001:2000/AS 9100 quality management system and tested by a Nadcap accredited analytical laboratory.

Our primary market is the aerospace and non-aerospace titanium alloy industries.  The unique combination of physical and mechanical properties that our master alloys provide allow for a dynamic range of metallurgical alternatives to meet specific performance requirements.  Applications include alloys for use in jet engine and airframe components, medical implants, military hardware, sporting goods, and others.