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Chromium is an element that adds corrosion resistance and hardness to metals it is alloyed with.  It is a key component in specialty titanium alloys especially those used for jet engine applications.  Because of its corrosion resistance and high hardness properties, chromium is well suited for coating applications especially for turbine blades some of which are utilized in jet engines.

Our produces a variety of chromium products and they can be supplied in nugget or powder form.  The material is typically produced in either a 30Al/70Cr or a 44Al/56Cr version.   Standard nugget size is 5/8” x 1/8”.  The powders are supplied in various sizes usually to customer specifications.  Other sizes are produced upon request if possible.

As a fully qualified producer of Master Alloys, our chromium products are approved for use in the most critical applications including rotating jet engine components.    Our on-site analytical lab is NADCAP certified and all products destined for critical applications are inspected multiple times and certified to chemistry and size specifications. 

Data sheets for standard Reading Alloys chromium master alloys are included below.   Specialty chromium products can be produced upon request.  For all inquiries for chromium master alloys and products, please click here.