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Molybdenum Alloys


Molybdenum is another critical alloying element for the titanium and superalloy industries.  The ability of molybdenum to withstand extreme temperatures without significantly expanding or softening makes it useful in applications that involve intense heat.  In addition, the use of molybdenum aids in corrosion resistance, weldability and increases strength. 

The enhanced properties of the titanium-molybdenum alloys lend themselves well for use in aerospace, medical, and industrial applications.  Many critical titanium alloys containing molybdenum are used in jet engine parts in addition to medical implants, electrical contacts, and industrial motors and filaments. 

Reading Alloys produces a full range of molybdenum master alloys geared primarily to the titanium industry.  They can come in the form of binary or multi-component master alloys for use in Ti-6242, Ti-6246, Ti-17, Ti-5553 and among others. Molybdenum master alloys produced by Reading Alloys can also be used in steel and superalloys. 

As a fully qualified producer of Master Alloys, our molybdenum products are approved for use in the most critical applications including rotating discs in jet engines.  The production process is highly controlled in a facility that is certified to ISO 9001 and AS 9100 standards and is subject to stringent tungsten control protocols.  Our on-site analytical lab is NADCAP certified and all products destined for critical aerospace applications are inspected multiple times and certified to chemistry and size specifications. 

Data sheets for standard Reading Alloys molybdenum master alloys are included below.   Specialty molybdenum products can be produced upon request.  For all inquiries for molybdenum master alloys and products, please click here.