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Niobium Alloys


Niobium (or Columbium) is another important alloying element used in the titanium, steel, and superalloy industries.   The use of niobium increases the toughness, strength, formability, and weldability of the metal it is alloyed with. 

Titanium alloyed with niobium is advantageous in aerospace, medical, and industrial applications.  As niobium is hypoallergenic, it is especially suitable for use in titanium medical implants.  Its use in superalloys lends itself well for jet engine components.

As a fully qualified producer of Master Alloys, our niobium products are approved for use in the most critical applications including medical implants and rotating jet engine components.  Niobium raw materials used in medical and aerospace applications are approved and qualified to meet all industry requirements.  Our on-site analytical lab is NADCAP certified and all products destined for critical applications are inspected multiple times and certified to chemistry and size specifications. 

Data sheets for standard Reading Alloys niobium master alloys are included below.   Specialty niobium products can be produced upon request.  For all inquiries for niobium master alloys and products, please click here.