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Other Master Alloys

Reading Alloys also produces a variety of other master alloys that are used in various industries but primarily for titanium.  These consist of multi-component products and those with elemental make ups outside of the popular master alloy product categories. 

Multi-component master alloys include Ti-17, AlSnTi, AlMoVCrTi, AlCaMg, and AlFeP among others.  These products are used in producing titanium alloys and in the specialty steel alloys.  Reading Alloys also manufactures binary master alloys like NiV, MoTi and AlCu for use in a variety of industries.

These products are produced mainly via aluminothermic reaction, however, some material is made with a CIPP and sinter process.  All production processes are highly controlled in a facility that is certified to ISO 9001 and AS 9100 standards.  Our on-site analytical lab is NADCAP certified and products are inspected multiple times and certified to chemistry and size specifications. 

Data sheets for these special Reading Alloys master alloys are included below.   Other specialty products can be produced upon request.  For all inquiries for these other master alloys and products, please click here.